Our vision is to change the paradigm of how cybersecurity is strategically and holistically addressed for organizations throughout the world.


Abacode’s mission is to focus all our collective efforts on one single thing – best in class cybersecurity solutions for our partners and clients.

We will continue to build a global culture of learning and awareness within our team.  This ecosystem will be committed to collaboration amongst entrepreneurs, business leaders, academics, and technology innovators who are experts in their field.

Ultimately, our people and dedication to process will drive the solutions which deliver successful outcomes for our clients.


Outwork them – Be creative – Trust in each other – Seek the truth – Be resourceful – Learn and grow
Make each other better – Think positive – Give back – Be great today – Focus on successful outcomes
Together, all of us are much smarter than any one of us.


#GDPR is here! We know you’ve received the emails and notices. Don’t fret. Connect with us and consolidate all of your GDPR needs, under one roof.

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