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Abacode was pleased today to partner with ACG in presenting “A Discussion About Assessing Cyber Risk During Due Diligence” in Tampa, FL at the Centre Club. Cybersecurity was a topic chosen by the board due to its rising popularity in the media and increasing risk for businesses. Speakers included Jeremy Rasmussen, Abacode’s Director of Cybersecurity and USF adjunct professor, and FBI Supervisory Special Agent Paul Vitchcock. As a point of interest, a victim who learned the importance of cybersecurity the hard way spoke to the group on how network vulnerabilities lead to disaster.

This event was created with the idea of educating smaller groups on relevant technical business topics. ACG organized this event to enable members and their guests to have personal discussions with cybersecurity experts on subjects that are directly impacting their business. The attendance was capped at 30 heads to provide an intimate atmosphere, allowing free-flowing ideas, questions, and suggestions. To learn more about assessing cyber risk at your company, visit

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Abacode is a Cybersecurity firm committed to addressing every aspect of the cyber-threat landscape for businesses throughout the world. We provide guidance and strategic business solutions to clients with our dedicated 24/7 SIEM and SOC solutions. Our unique ecosystem connects entrepreneurs, academia, government agencies, and technology innovators to produce cutting-edge cyber services for businesses in every industry and sector.

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