By: abacode On: March 10, 2017 In: Insight Comments: 0

The IFCPA proudly presented The Cyber Security Seminar for the Suncoast February Chapter Meeting on February 16th,2017. The seminar provided members and guest attendees an inside look at the current cyber terrain, and a look at how businesses can best protect themselves from internal and external threats.

Special guest speaker USAF Lt. Col. Richard Moore spoke on the evolving threat actors along with the US defense cyber mission forces. His talk was followed by US Secret Service Special Agent Richard Dean who covered the evolution of threats and how to reduce vulnerabilities to these bad actors. John Fay, Abacode’s Director of Corporate Development, spoke next, providing insights on solutions organizations can take to defend against attacks, and mitigate cyber risk. The event concluded with Trenam Law’s Frank Santini, who educated the audience on cybersecurity issues from a legal perspective.

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