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LONDON – JUNE 15, 2017


VenuesNow 2017 Annual Conference in Los Angeles, California, will explore ‘The New Paradigm in Event Safetydue to growing security threats

Arenas and stadiums must implement a top-down strategic and holistic approach when it comes to security – that’s according to the CEO of one of the US’ leading cybersecurity firms.

Speaking ahead of the 2017 VenuesNow Conference which takes place from July 12th – 14th in Beverly Hills, California, Michael Ferris, CEO of Abacode, expressed his concern that event venues are now high-profile targets due to the large amount of personal data obtained through their ticketing, point of sales systems, credit card transactions and on-premis box office, amongst many other areas -describing it as “an environment primed for cyber-attacks and theft.”

The panel discussion, entitled ‘The New Paradigm in Event Safety (Don’t be the next soft target)’, will see a panel of the most innovative and creative crowd management executives and counterterrorism experts explore how to prepare your event, venue, tour, audience, and staff for the very real and growing terror threats that exist today. Topics up for discussion will include cybersecurity, drones, entry systems, crowd management, geo-fencing and perimeter control.

Ahead of the Conference, Abacode CEO Michael Ferris said: “Arenas and stadiums vying to host large-scale events are now high-profile targets. Not just do they attract huge numbers of the general public, but athletes, owners, management and performers such as sports teams and musicians who rely on these events to interact with their fans are equally exposed.”

“Arenas, event venues and the leadership who run them have to take very specific steps in order to address cybersecurity the right way. The complexity and exposure from not bringing in experts is too high to address it any other way.”


Michael Ferris will be speaking as part of the panel between 9:30am – 10:30am on Thursday July 13th – for more information or to arrange a meeting with Michael, contact / +44 (0) 207 4400 781

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The VenuesNow Conference is designed to provide industry leaders of live entertainment facilities with a forum to promote innovation by exploring and analyzing current trends and strategies within sports, music, technology, sponsorship, security, and beyond.

We exist to help influence and drive the industry to think bigger and more strategically by facilitating an environment conducive to sharing knowledge and resources.

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