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Abacode Cybersecurity Partners with FBI for Informative Workshop

Tampa, FL, 01 December 2016


The protection of company data from cybercrime is becoming increasingly essential. On Wednesday, December 14th at 8:30 AM, Abacode Cybersecurity will be hosting an event featuring guest speakers from the FBI and the US Military’s Joint Cyber Center at United States Central Command. Covering several topics, the event will focus chiefly on different aspects of cybercrime, including ransomware (the locking of personal files until a ransom is paid to the hacker).

As part of Abacode’s steady commitment to small and mid-sized businesses, part of the workshop will describe why these enterprises are a target for ransomware and what they can do to protect themselves. Abacode’s partnership with the FBI allows for multiple perspectives on the issue of cybersecurity, as those in attendance will learn the law enforcement’s take on growing threats, the military’s take, and Abacode’s as a small business and a cybersecurity firm.

The Tampa business community is not as protected as it could be. Cybercriminals grow in number every day, and every day business owners must pay the price for their lack of security, literally. Abacode can help firms and individuals discover effective solutions to their security issues through remediation and preventative measures. Knowledge is the first step to combatting the rising threat faced by anyone storing information on an electronic device.

The event will be held on December 14th, 2016 at the USF Connect Building on 3802 Spectrum Blvd., Suite 102, in Tampa, FL 33612. Those attending may arrive at 8:00 AM for a warm breakfast, and the workshop begins at 8:30 AM. Anyone unable to attend may listen in and watch remotely via the webinar link. This valuable opportunity offers significant knowledge about cybersecurity from Abacode cybersecurity, the FBI, and the military’s cyber center.





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