The Abacode Difference

I. We Understand Your Pain

A robust cybersecurity program has become a condition of doing business as clients, vendors, suppliers and industry regulations are driving compliance.

  1. Prospects and Clients expect a secure level of data protection.
  2. Vendors and Suppliers must adhere to standards as a contractual commitment.
  3. Industry, state, and new federal regulations will continue to increase the cost of doing business.
At the same time, cybersecurity breaches continue to increase and demand protection from operational shutdown and lost revenue:

  1. Phishing
  2. Ransomware
  3. Malware

A holistic, integrated, full lifecycle approach is critical…

State-by-State Privacy Law Status

Privacy law comparison on map

II. Abacode’s Approach

Abacode is a holistic, full lifecycle provider of integrated cybersecurity and compliance programs. Our “objective state” approach is designed to ensure the greatest overall impact on cyber risk across your organization based on your budget and risk tolerance.

Overview PPT Cybersecurity-and Compliance Program

Our proven methodology achieves results:

  1. We assess clients against regulatory or best-practice frameworks to provide an objective measure of a clients’ Compliance and Cybersecurity maturity.
  2. We design a program to achieve a client’s desired state of maturity based upon their budget and risk tolerance.
  3. We continuously manage the program, provide continuous maturity scoring and reporting, and optimize your security investment.

III. Our Process

Or approach & process are designed to help reduce complexity, vendor fatigue and knowledge gaps that may exist in your organization.

DESIGN: Our process begins with a Gap Assessment against an appropriate regulatory or industry best-practices framework. Unlike many service providers, Abacode will not drop the Gap Assessment in your hands and wish you success – we deliver a Remediation Roadmap that describes controls necessary to reach the desired state of maturity.

Our Process

IMPLEMENT: Once we have delivered a Remediation Roadmap, you are in control and have options:

  1. DIY: You can implement the prescribed security controls yourself.
  2. Guided by Abacode: Together, we will cooperatively implement the required controls.
  3. Full Implementation: Abacode can fully implement the controls on your behalf.

MANAGE: Abacode can fully manage your entire integrated Cybersecurity and Compliance Program.

  1. Continuous monitoring and management: From our 24/7/365 Security Operations Center with dashboard reporting of the state of your integrated risk management program.
  2. Cyber Spend Optimization across your organization.
  3. Deliver cybersecurity & compliance checks and balances to the C-Suite

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