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Abacode Enters Strategic Partnership with Tag Alliance
Bryan Graf | 8 Minute Read

The Strategic Partnership between the global multidisciplinary alliance and one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity firms creates a powerful competitive advantage.

TAG Alliances‘ Strategic Partners division, TAG-SP, can extend its multidisciplinary platform to benefit its 290+ members in over 105 countries. Additionally, Abacode can leverage TAG Alliances’ interdisciplinary offerings to benefit Abacode’s clients.

“Cybersecurity is a critical growth area for TAG Alliances,” said Richard Attisha, President & CEO. “Abacode strengthens the ability of our members to leverage our platform to offer their clients a full spectrum of cybersecurity solutions and services. Our platform includes legal, auditing, and advisory services. With the addition of Abacode, we also have managed cyber threat detection and response (MDR) services, governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) services, and proactive cybersecurity professional services, including vulnerability & risk management and awareness training. These services are a real game-changer for our member firms and their clients.”
“We are extremely excited to partner with TAG and all of their member firms throughout the globe. As regulations and cyber-attacks continue to increase, our partnership provides a unique platform for organizations. We inform, educate, and deliver business-driven compliance & cybersecurity solutions globally,” said Abacode’s CEO, Michael Ferris.

In May 2019, TAG Alliances will formally introduce Abacode at the 2019 Spring International Conference in London—the 40th International Conference of TAG Alliances. At the conference, Abacode’s CTO & CISO, Jeremy Rasmussen, will participate in a keynote panel to discuss Digital Hygiene and opportunities in the cybersecurity space.

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