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The key to cybersecurity is a multi-faceted approach that includes heavy preventative measures as well as plans for damage control. Abacode Cybersecurity accomplishes this by attacking the complex issue of cyber crime through being CyberSMART, or implementing Self-governance, Managed Network Surveillance, Assessments, Remediation, and Training in any and all companies hiring them. Abacode’s managed network surveillance platform is a large part of what they do. Referred to as Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM), this method gives a holistic view of a company’s technological landscape. By combining security alerts with real-time analysis, SIEM scrutinizes possible network dangers and notifies companies before the threat becomes an issue.

Abacode is more than a SIEM, however. The unique managed network surveillance technology Cyber Lorica is at the core of what Abacode provides. Cyber Lorica combines SIEM with Intrusion Detection, AlienVault’s Vulnerability Scanning capabilities, VMWare AirWatch’s Mobile Device Management capabilities, custom-built security and open source solutions. Additionally, this platform is monitored 24/7 by cybersecurity experts, so that they can catch anything the technology happens to miss. With this sort of multi-level proactive managed network surveillance system, the highest levels of protection and prevention are achieved.

The launching of Abacode’s new managed network surveillance website marks an opportunity for the public to gather as much information as possible concerning Abacode’s managed network surveillance system. Also offering general information and news about cybersecurity and Abacode itself, the new website will be a step in creating a population more literate in matters of cybersecurity, and one that understands how to protect itself in the dangerous, ever-evolving cyber-crime climate faced today by companies and individuals alike.

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