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According to the FBI’s latest statistics, over 4000 cyber attacks occur daily, with 46 of those attacks aimed at businesses of all sizes. That number is only growing, because hackers progress as quickly as new technologies, while cybersecurity experts, business owners, and victims struggle to keep up their defenses.

It may be difficult to predict every cyber criminal’s next move, but as long as those moves are prevented, private and company data will remain secure. Prevention occurs largely through employee training in cybersecurity, which too few businesses offer. Abacode Cybersecurity has created a remedy to this issue with its recently unveiled training website, which offers information about various kinds of cyber crime and courses designed by security experts specifically for employees of any background.

Abacode believes in being CyberSMART, which means that when it comes to cybersecurity in a company, all bases must be covered: Self-governance, managed network surveillance, assessment, remediation in the event of an incident, and training. Training is especially essential, because if employees do not know what to watch out for, then the first line of company defenses has already broken down and attackers have a far greater chance of stealing information.

Because the training available on the new Abacode training website was made by cybersecurity professionals, it is far more comprehensive and specific than training given by general IT professionals, which most businesses tend to utilize. IT professionals do possess a wealth of knowledge about technology, but a cybersecurity specialist is necessary to provide the sort of information about how best to prevent and detect a cyber attack. Abacode realizes this distinction is essential if a company truly wants to cut down on cyber attacks, and the Abacode training website and courses were built fulfill the need for training by actual cybersecurity professionals.

Abacode knows that cyber threats have grown significantly the past few years, and are only evolving more rapidly as time advances. To have a chance at remaining secure, businesses must attack the issue from all angles, and the largest gap in cybersecurity has always been the human factor. Trained and knowledgeable employees well versed in matters of cyber crime are far less likely to cause a breach in company databases, and Abacode Cybersecurity has now provided the tools necessary for employees to gain the information the require to prevent cyber attacks.

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