Awareness Training

Proactive Cyber Defense

Cyber criminals realize that an organization’s weakest link is often the employees. Help protect your organization by arming your first line of defense with training.

Our Cybersecurity Awareness Training helps teach employees the mechanisms of spam, spear-phishing, phishing, malware, and social engineering. The program helps your entire organization to understand the importance of cybersecurity and apply the knowledge to daily activities.

Keeping up with the newest vulnerabilities and cyber attack strategies presents an extraordinary challenge. New attack surfaces arise constantly due to the speed of advancing technologies. All members of your organization have an impact of the success of your security defenses, so be prepared to recognize attacks and minimize their effects.


Employees Are Your First Line Of Defense

Are Yours Prepared For The Vast Amount Of Cybersecurity Attacks?

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Learning Management System

  • Education curriculum customized for your organization
  • Interactive web-based training modules ranging from a few minutes to an hour that can be arranged and spread out according to your needs
  • Compliance training integration education as needed (HIPAA/PCI DSS/ISO 27001 & 27002/etc.)
  • Availability in several languages

Continuous Phishing Campaigns

  • We conduct periodic phishing email or vishing phone call tests against your employees to make sure they put their knowledge to practice
  • Our campaigns can be as granular as you’d like from attacks tailored at the general organization, to specific departments, and all the way down to individual employees
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