Cybersecurity Jeopardized! by Abacode

Cybersecurity Jeopardized!™

So you think you know cybersecurity trivia inside out and backwards?! Then come play Cybersecurity Jeopardized!™ with Abacode’s CTO and CSO, Jeremy Rasmussen.  Each week you’ll have an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of cybersecurity history, facts, attacks, criminals, and more.

Jeremy Rasmussen

Jeremy Rasmussen

Chief Technology Officer & CISO

One category with 5 questions are posed to up to 3 players

every Friday at 12:00PM EST.


Object of the Game

Ask the correct questions and accumulate the most points.


Five questions in the category will be asked in each weekly round. The category name and the value for each answer will be on a display board. The values will range from 100 points to 500 points.

Jeremy Rasmussen, CTO and CSO of Abacode, Inc. serves as the emcee, or “host”, of the game. The emcee will also act as point banker.

A maximum of 3 players will be selected for each weekly round. One round is played each week.  To begin the round, the emcee will have a number on a card between 1 and 50. Each player will submit a number via the chat. The player with the number closest to emcee’s number will go first.

Game Play

  1. The first player selects one of the five answers displayed on the category.
  2. The emcee removes the value card (which allows the answer to be seen by all players) and then reads the answer aloud.
  3. The first player to “buzz in” asks the question. If two or more players click at the same time, players roll the die; the player with the highest number asks the question.
  4. The emcee then refers to the page in the Question Booklet that corresponds to the answer and says whether the question is correct or not. The player’s question does not have to match the question in the booklet exactly, but should have the same general meaning.

Note: If the player’s response is not in the form of a question, the emcee will instruct the player to word the response as a question.

  1. If the player’s response is correct, the player receives indicated points on the point-value card from the bank. If the player’s response is not correct, the player forfeits that amount of money.

Note: If a player asks an incorrect question worth more points than he has, the player gives the bank all of his points, but is still in the game. Players cannot have “negative point amounts” and cannot borrow points from another player or the bank.

  1. If the emcee says that the response to an answer is incorrect, the first of the other players to click after the ruling has the opportunity to ask the question. The player responds and either wins or loses the same dollar amount.

Play then proceeds as above.
Note: If a player’s response is declared incorrect, that player does not get a second chance to ask a question for that particular answer.

  1. The player who asks the correct question chooses the next card and point amount. If no player asks the correct question, the emcee reads the correct question aloud. The player who selected the previous card and point amount will then make the next selection.

Remember: One player selects the card and point value, but all players have the opportunity of responding to every answer.

Note: After the correct question has been announced, the emcee should turn the dollar value card to the red side.

End of the Game

The player with the most points wins the game.

The player with the most points for each round will be invited to play in the quarterly semi-final. A player can only participate in one quarterly semi-final. The winner of each quarterly final will be invited to play in the annual final.


How to Apply:

You apply to become a player. All applicants must complete the application form (link). If you meet the minimum eligibility requirements, you will be placed into a player pool. Players are randomly selected for an invitation to participate in a round.  Completing an application is not a guarantee of being invited to compete in the game.

Eligibility requirements:

Applicants must meet the following requirements to meet basic eligibility:

  • Must be 18 or older
  • Within the last five years, must not have been employed by or related to anyone who works for Abacode, Inc. or any investors or partners associated with Abacode, Inc.

Apply to be a Contestant

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY


The winner of a round will receive a $100 USD Amazon or VISA gift card.

The winner of a quarterly semi-final will receive a $500 USD Amazon or VISA gift card.

The winner for the year will receive a $1000 USD Amazon or VISA gift card and a Cybersecurity Jeopardized trophy.

Allow 3-5 days from completion of the round for the processing of awards.  To receive an award, Abacode must have a work email on file.

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