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Despite an increase in cybersecurity awareness, more and more IT security specialists are advising companies to prepare for the inevitable breach in addition to focusing on prevention tactics. This is because companies with otherwise strong cybersecurity posture can still fall victim to ever-adapting cyberattacks. Since hackers regularly discover new methods and vulnerabilities, the installation of new governance and the application of holistic network assessments remain limited in the extent that they can protect a business. These proactive actions lose their value when even one vulnerability is compromised. At this point, a business needs damage control that immediately exposes the breach and counters the attack promptly, expertly, and effectively. When the inevitable attack comes, companies without an already established monitoring & remediation system may not know how to respond or even realize they have been compromised, both of which can increase the amount of damage inflicted.

In order to be effective, cybersecurity monitoring must consist of more than just a technological monitoring system that detects and reports suspicious behavior and breaches. Although security information and event management (SIEM) software thoroughly monitors a company’s network activity, such artificial intelligence cannot discern, as with human judgment, which recorded activities are real threats or not. Ideally, a Security Operations Center (SOC), made up of IT security experts dedicated to determining the validity of SIEM alarms, works in tandem with the software to provide thorough, comprehensive monitoring. While businesses sometimes implement their own monitoring software and assign their IT staff to SOC duties, this can result in overworked IT employees. The large amount of data they must comprehensively filter through, in addition to their other responsibilities, places an undue amount of pressure and work on IT specialists. Furthermore, assigning one’s own IT staff the job of monitoring & remediation means that its SOC team only monitors during the company’s work hours, leaving the company susceptible to attacks at night, over weekends and holidays. Instead, cybersecurity professionals who offer businesses monitoring & remediation services, with dedicated security operations centers (SOC) can devote all their time and attention sifting through SIEM data and inspecting minute aspects of the software’s many events and alarms even when no one is in the office.

Abacode is an MSSP that provides a holistic approach to cybersecurity by offering preventative services against cyber threats as well as monitoring & remediation for compromised businesses. Its 24/7 Cyber Lorica monitoring platform uses both technology and human intelligence to deliver the most comprehensive, unrelenting cybersecurity monitoring service possible. By utilizing AlienVault SIEM software either wirelessly or onsite, Cyber Lorica records all activity within a company’s network and its interactions with outside sources. The SIEM software then reports to Abacode’s 24/7 SOC team to make sense of its findings. The SOC team provides the human decision making resources necessary to critically analyze SIEM data and decide which, if any, actions to take. In addition, our SOC team regularly conducts vulnerability scans and reports for clients. Because hackers do not take weekends off, neither should cybersecurity monitoring teams. Therefore, Abacode’s team of cybersecurity experts work around the clock to ensure 24/7 monitoring & remediation services for its clients.

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