First 24 Hours of a Ransomware Attack


Are you increasingly being asked by clients, partners, supply-chain, and regulators to prove a degree of cybersecurity maturity tied to compliance with regulatory and best-practices frameworks? 

You are not alone.  A mature cybersecurity & compliance program is now a condition of doing business.  Traditionally treated as separate operational silos, cybersecurity & compliance have become closely interrelated.   

Find out how a Managed Cybersecurity & Compliance Services Provider (MCCP) can help you combine these into a single managed service and realize substantial cost savings and reduced operational and organizational complexity. 

An integrated program also gives you the best possible chance to be prepared and resilient against devastating attacks, such as ransomware, on your business operations.

Click Here to Download our “blow by blow” whitepaper on what happens during the first 24 hours of a ransomware attack. 

Download this white paper to help formulate the mission scope for your cybersecurity capabilities and develop a cost-effective, risk-effective cyber strategy.