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Manufacturing has become one the most consistently attacked industries, with 50% of manufacturers experiencing data breaches in the past year. In addition, 25% of manufacturing organizations reported an average lost revenue of 14% due to cyber attacks. Abacode recognizes the importance of safeguarding manufacturers. We not only identify cybersecurity gaps; we implement the protections necessary to prevent a major cybersecurity breach.

The Manufacturing is a constantly changing landscape, complete with more digital systems and Internet of Things-enabled devices than ever before. Abacode understands that to be successful in manufacturing, equipment has to be working precisely and lines of communication have to be open. Cyber attacks can affect both these variables, throwing the whole operation off track.

How exactly can hackers infiltrate manufacturing systems?

  • Business interruption/loss of productivity in the wake of a cyberattack
  • Expensive ransomware payments while a hacker holds information hostage
  • Competitors using your own leaked intellectual property
Deloitte recently surveyed 225 manufacturing executives about cyber risks; nearly 50 percent of respondents lack the confidence that they’re protected. Three-fourths admitted that their companies lack skilled cybersecurity resources. 39 percent of executives said they’ve experienced a breach within the last year, 38 percent of those affected had losses between $1 million and $10 million dollars. Abacode collaborates with manufacturing companies to build custom solutions to ensure a secure environment and bring a seasoned team of professionals to build a framework that fits your situation and company. While the process is never easy, we aim to help you face the future with confidence.


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