Unlock the Power of Microsoft Sentinel SIEM

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What is Microsoft Sentinel?

Microsoft Sentinel is a scalable, cloud native, SIEM and SOAR solution that centralizes information logs from devices across a network to create a central repository and visibility across the enterprise.

By ingesting multiple data logs, our Tier 1 – Tier 3 SOC analysts, can leverage Microsoft Security analytics to alert you to the presence of any irregular or malicious activity, validate false positives & start finding threats in real time.

Microsoft 365 E5 customers can get credit towards data consumption with Microsoft Sentinel.

If you are a Microsoft client with an E3 or E5 license, unlock the power of Microsoft Sentinel SIEM with Abacode. We monitor your environment with Microsoft Sentinel through our 24/7/365 Security Operations Center.

Microsoft Sentinel is your birds-eye view into threat detection.

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Our fully U.S. based Security Operations Team leverages the full SOAR capabilities of the Microsoft offering to provide managed detection and response services to secure your entire environment.

Your organization will receive the full advantage of Microsoft Sentinel and the threat intelligence supplied by our SOC to ensure that your business maintains a state of continuous security and compliance.

Execute Your Cloud Security & Compliance with Abacode’s 24 / 7 Security Operations Center.

Abacode helps companies develop and deploy cloud security through Microsoft Sentinel. We provide continuous monitoring of your entire landscape for the cost of 1 – 1.5 full time employees through our SOC-as-a-Service. Our SOC-as-a-Service leverages two Abacode owned US-based Security Operations Centers with Tier 1 -Tier 3 analysts that provide 24 / 7 / 365 “eyes on glass” monitoring and alerting.

We unify cybersecurity and compliance while eliminating the uncertainty and complexity for our clients by allowing them to see a dramatic improvement in threat detection, incident response and a new-found visibility into regulatory compliance.

Managed Compliance Frameworks

Our continuous cybersecurity & compliance monitoring ensures you stay compliant with multiple compliance frameworks such as:

6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Microsoft Sentinel & Abacode’s 24/7 Managed Security Operations Center as a Service

Abacode’s Security Operation Center trained, certified, US citizen analysts have many years working across multiple sectors in providing 24/7/365 “eyes on glass” monitoring from dual, redundant Security Operations Centers (SOC’s) in Tampa, FL and Las Vegas, NV.