Phishing Attacks Spiked
Phishing Attacks Spiked by 667% in March
Richard Smotherman | 1.5 Minute Read

It has been an intense month of change, with many of us desperate for reliable sources of information relative to the coronavirus pandemic. In response to the chaos, phishing attacks have spiked in the past month by 667% (Barracuda), and these attacks are designed to prey upon our emotions.

Three main types of spear-phishing themes have been detected:  54% have been scams, 34% were brand impersonation, and 11% blackmail. Remote workers are especially vulnerable to rapidly changing social engineering attacks, meant to compromise your company and employee assets.

Every business executive can effectively manage cyber risk in this “new normal” state and ensure your remote workforce is deployed as an additional layer of cybersecurity defense for your organization.

At Abacode, we are here to help executives with a remote work Cyber Risk Baseline to assess your organization’s risk and develop a response plan to protect against the surge of attacks.

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For more information on how to avoid phishing attacks, watch our YouTube video: How can you tell if an email is a phishing scam