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Put Your Remote Environment to the Cloud Pen Test.
Richard Smotherman | Minute Read


For any business working with remote teams, understanding the role cloud security plays in securing remote teams is crucial to realizing overall remote security, and business sustainability. However, one challenge that remains is how to replicate the success of on-premises security within a cloud environment.

Enforcing secure cloud network protocols can ensure remote workers do not circumvent network or endpoint security measures. Using cloud tools to deliver IT support can help maintain seamless security across your technical and non-technical remote workforce.

The sudden influx of remote workers using virtual private networks (VPNs) and remote desktop protocol (RDP) are adding to the security challenge.   “Aggravated because a sharp increase in VPN volume has reportedly led some stressed technology departments to permit less rigorous security policies.”

Indeed, it is a challenge to keep VPNs updated with security fixes because they are used at all hours, instead of on a schedule that allows for routine installations during daily boot-ups or shutdowns. Do you know the risk to your environment?

                                   Free Penetration Test up to 5 external IP devices!

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The US National Cybersecurity Alliance found that 60% of small companies END UP CLOSING THEIR DOORS within six months of a cybercrime attack.

 Control the work from home environment.

Abacode can perform a vulnerability scan and emulate an attacker by pen testing your cloud environment. We check configurations and access controls to validate end point detection, protection, and response from employee vulnerabilities and BYOD security for at work and when remote.

4 Remote BYOD Security Tips

  • Ensure all equipment is properly configured and updated. Many consumer-class routers and access points are running on vulnerable firmware.
  • Disable any printer settings that involve printing over the Internet.
  • Turn off your laptop, printer, and other connected devices when not in use.
  • Older devices may need to be replaced if no longer supported. Be willing to step in and offer to replace or repair an employee’s device.

The more employees understand how connecting unauthorized devices to corporate networks and creating poor passwords are all key issues in network security, the stronger your security perimeters. The sooner business leaders assess and understand their organizations security posture, they can use cyber hygiene and on-demand data analysis to optimize over-all company performance.


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