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Florida Space Coast Cybersecurity Forum

Tue, Mar 23, 2021, 12:00 PM – Wed, Mar 24, 2021, 5:00 PM EDT

If you’re a Florida defense contractor or a Government employee, don’t forget to swing by the Abacode booth at this complimentary event.


As the DoD ramps up its focus on cybersecurity and securing their supply chains, manufacturers and defense contractors of all types will need to take specific steps to protect their networks if they want to continue doing business with DoD.


What will attendees learn?

  • Detailed compliance training for small- and medium-sized defense contractors
  • Best practices to protect your company’s critical data
  • Techniques to respond to real cybersecurity risks
  • Resources to update and maintain cybersecurity compliance

Past Events

Abacode Events - Live Webinar - SolarWinds Breach If Cyber Companies Can Get Hit, Do You Stand A Chance

Live Webinar | SolarWinds Breach: If Cyber Companies Can Get Hit, Do You Stand A Chance?

March 2nd
2:00pm EST

Scientists tell us that actual solar winds are heading toward Earth at two million kilometers per hour, and have the potential to knock out our satellites. But that’s nothing compared to the hundreds of millions of dollars in losses across thousands of companies that are stacking up due to the recent SolarWinds attack.

This webinar will discuss effects the SolarWinds breach is having on the cybersecurity industry and its supply chain, with special focus on the cyber and tech vendors directly affected. With new attacks happening every day, you’ll also learn how your company can protect itself from SolarWinds fallout now as well as how to prevent further hacks in the future.

Register now for this webinar and learn:

  • Practical, effective steps you can take now to minimize risk & exposure;
  • The evolving role of cyber breach insurance and why you should consider it;
  • Emerging technology to help protect against these attacks;
  • Additional legislation / regulation needed to lower the incidence and severity of future attacks.

CMMC READINESS: A Playbook Approach to. Cybersecurity Success

Thursday, February 18th
1:00pm EST 

If you’re like the numerous amounts of DoD contractors who are required to meet the new CMMC cybersecurity compliance controls, this session is for you.

Join Scott Schlimmer, Senior GRC Consultant and Michael Brooks, vCISO & CMMC Advisor as they cover:

  • What the CMMC critical path items are and how you can ensure you’re ready   
  • Key insights into the CMMC success factors most critical for your business  
  • Lessons learned and insights from recent NIST and CMMC readiness assessments
  • How to ensure your organization is prepared for CMMC success 
Transformational CISO Virtual Assembly - Abacode Events

Transformational CISO – Virtual Assembly

Tuesday, February 23, 2021 – Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Cybersecurity Innovation Starts Here
Digital Transformation involves ongoing exploration by today’s leaders, and our best advice is to not trek the journey alone. Our Transformational CISO Virtual Assembly coming this February is set to be a groundbreaking opportunity for leaders to virtually connect on the current trends & challenges the industry is facing amid COVID-19. Our assemblies are virtual for the time being, but you can still expect the same high-level discussion & networking as a Millennium onsite experience.


Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Abacode is pleased to be a gold sponsor for Cybersafety Day. Cyber Safety Day Tampa Bay, is a FREE one-day event created by the nonprofit Center for Cyber Safety and Education on January 26, 2021. Select elementary schools will receive FREE Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures, a digital citizenship program that includes Garfield comic/workbooks, stickers, posters, and more for your students. 


2021 Futures of Work

Thursday, January 21, 2021
1:00p-6:00p EST.

Futures of Work is a full day of discussions surrounding the workplace and how it is changing. Networking, panelists, keynote speakers, breakout sessions all on a state-of-the-art virtual platform.

Join Abacode’s CEO, Michael Ferris in speaking with other brilliant minds in IT, world-renowned companies, and learn from the individuals responsible for shaping #thefuturesofwork.

ACEC-Ontario Cyber Security Webinar:
The Threat Is Real!

December 1st, 2020
1:30-2:30PM EST

This webinar will use a recent real-world incident of a cyber-attack on a consulting engineering firm as the basis for presenting key information regarding the prevention, management, and recovery from cyber-attacks. …

From the SOC Director’s Desk: UNHACKED! Season 1

Season 2 Announcement Coming Up

Abacode will walk you through real-world cybersecurity events, how they were solved, and what your company can do to avoid them. Check out Season 01 episodes below.

Navigating the Waters of CMMC

Tuesday, November 17
1:00PM EST

As a contractor within the DoD supply chain, you are facing new cybersecurity requirements. If you fail to meet these standards, you will not be unable to win contracts with the federal government, starting as soon as November 2020. Register today to ensure you’re organization is prepared.

BrightTALK: CYA Toolkit for CISOs

Thursday, November 12
1:00PM EST

Perhaps you are like the 200 CISOs who shared their insights in the security leaders report, which revealed that organizations are using 57 separate security tools with 27% claiming they’re running a staggering 76 or more security products. …

By Invitation Only: Virtual C-Suite Conversations

Thursday, October 29
12:30PM EST

Sometimes the best way to help keep your lunch from being eaten when it comes to cybersecurity challenges and risk management is to have conversations with experts and peers. That’s why we host virtual roundtables with Lunch on us! These events are by invitation only.

BrightTALK: Best Practices for Reducing Email Compromise

Thursday, October 15
12:00PM EST

Other than eliminating humans, what are the best practices for reducing business email compromise?
Join this session to learn how to: …

Abacode Roundtable hosted by Millennium: How to Transform Your Cybersecurity Challenges Into a Competitive Edge

Thursday, September 1
2:00PM EST

What are the cybersecurity challenges faced by many organizations today and what can you do to turn these challenges into business opportunities? …

IQCP: CISO Exchange

Thursday, August 24-25
1:00PM EST

During these virtual meetings, we’ll discuss strategies and steps business leaders can take to transform cybersecurity challenges into a competitive advantage. Learn more about how to join the conversation with Abacode’s Michael Brooks, SVP, RevOps and Toney Jennings, Chief Revenue Officer …

Disrupt the Bay – A Digital Tech Conference

Thursday, August 6-7
1:00PM EST

Jeremy Rasmussen, Abacode’s CSO & CTO, will explain how to tackle real-world technical challenges frequently faced by healthcare providers.