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In order to establish effective cybersecurity measures, businesses must first understand their current cybersecurity posture. Just as one has to know where the hole is to fix a flat tire, a company needs to know where it is vulnerable in order to improve poor defensive measures, misconfigured hardware or software, or a lack of employee cyber responsibility. In addition to thoroughly evaluating cybersecurity posture, vulnerability assessments can also prevent both redundant and insufficient security measures within companies. Since a hacker only needs to find one vulnerability in order to compromise a system, Abacode’s purpose for its vulnerability assessments is to discover these weaknesses before a hacker does.

As part of our comprehensive Cybersecurity Posture Assessment, Abacode has provided hundreds of thorough vulnerability assessments for all industries ranging from commercial to military, regardless of size. Our team of Cybersecurity Professionals delivers both a No-Cost Light Evaluation and a Full Internal and External Vulnerability & Risk Assessment.  This includes phishing email tests, gap analyses of already existing policies and procedures, IDS/IPS assessments, internal & external network assessments, and reviewing the company’s compliance with relevant information security standards.

Abacode provides holistic cybersecurity assessments of a business’s human factor, policies and procedures, and technological domain. For example, our phishing email program tests whether employees can recognize, avoid, and report a phishing email. In addition to providing gap analyses of the company’s existing IT security policies and procedures, Abacode also offers comprehensive IDS/IPS assessments through 24/7 SIEM and SOC monitoring and remediation.

Internal & external network assessments also reveal vulnerabilities in a company’s staff, technology components, and policies and procedures. By simulating an unhappy employee, an internal vulnerability assessment checks whether sensitive data can be accessed from within the company by unauthorized personnel. In external assessments, cybersecurity experts attempt to hack into a company’s network from the outside, taking note of all vulnerabilities they come across in the process. In one case study, Abacode performed a blind cybersecurity assessment on a prestigious university’s internal and external networks. Within four days, our team of cybersecurity experts had achieved total control of the network and gained access to all 3,000 employees’ and 45,000 students’ personal information, including social security numbers and salaries. Had it not employed Abacode to perform internal & external network assessments, a real breach like this could have cost the university $7.6 million dollars.

In addition to online Web Application, Wireless Security, and IOT Assessments, Abacode also offers Healthcare companies a HIPAA Gap Analysis, Retail companies a PCI Compliance Assessment, Government Contractors a NIST SP 800-171 Compliance Assessment, and utility companies a NERC Sip Regulations Assessment.

After initial vulnerability assessments are completed and the necessary remedial actions have taken place, businesses can also benefit from Abacode’s Penetration (Pen) Tests and our 24/7 SIEM and SOC monitoring & remediation services. Though similar to internal & external network assessments, Pen tests go a step beyond discovering vulnerabilities and test how far hackers can go and what they can obtain from each compromised network. In the midst of ever-evolving cyber threats and the inevitable introduction of new technologies and consequent vulnerabilities in the workplace, let Abacode evaluate your business’s cybersecurity posture through our thorough vulnerability assessments.

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