Cybersecurity Services

Abacode is an MSSP that supports industries across all sectors and provides services to global enterprises and small to medium sized organizations, which are often under-served. We recommend our 5 cybersecurity service areas to help you establish a Cyber S.M.A.R.T. ℠ environment:

Abacode Provides Strategic Guidance and Solutions


Cyber Lorica (wired/wireless/cloud)
SOC Services
Website Monitoring
IoT Monitoring Services (SOC)
Secure Software/System Design
IoT Device Vulnerability Analysis
Website Vulnerability Testing
Forensic Analysis & Investigations
Vulnerability and Risk Assessments
CISO (fractional)
NOC Services
Governance and Policies & Procedures
DLP/Firewall/IDS - Tuning
Security Hardening
Security Appliance Management
Compliance Assessment (NIST/HIPPA/ISO27000)
Custom Security Software Development
Patch Management
Security Architecture Design & Review
Threat Modeling
Penetration Testing
Incident Response

Products & Hardware/Software (provided by Abacode or certified partners)

White Listing Apps
Data Loss Prevention
End-Point Encryption
End-Point Protection
Intrusion Detection Software
Content Filter
Website Filter
Mail Proxy
Vulnerability Scanners
IoT Monitoring Software
Two-Factor Authentication (Apps/Tokens)
Virtual Machine Software
MDM Software
Antivirus Software
PCI Compliance Scanners
Rogue Device Detection

Cyber Lab - Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Embedded Design Security
Firmware Security Testing
Customized IoT Monitoring
Embedded Medical Devices
IoT Vulnerability Analysis Lab
Embedded Critical System Protection
AI Advancements/Platforms
Wireless Protocol Security
Mobile Application Security
Cloud Services Security
Digital Certificates Management
Automobile Cybersecurity
Vulnerable Device Threat Detection
Healthcare Systems Modernization

Education & Training

General Staff Awareness
IT Management/Staff
IT Security Analyst
In Depth Topical Cybersecurity
``Threat Feed`` Link
Custom R&D
Academic Collaboration
Computer Based Training
On-Premises Training
Certification Bootcamp
- Security+
Cyber Seminars

As a Managed Security Services Provider, Abacode works in collaboration with:

Accounting and Audit Firms

Cyber Legal Advisors

Crisis and Public Relations

Private Investigators

Insurance and Risk Management

We touch every technical aspect of the cybersecurity landscape.


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