Advanced Threat Response

Every network has vulnerabilities, and unfortunately, not all cyber-attacks are preventable. Cyber attacks most-commonly occur through missing security patches and misconfigurations, human error, and a lack of adequate defenses. Individually, any of these weak links create a risk that an active threat will occur, and it’s near-impossible to keep total control of all the moving parts on your own.

If a breach occurs and is directly neutralized, you still face potential complications such as reputation damage, loss of trust, denied insurance claims, or even criminal implications. We collaborate with stakeholders to ensure a cohesive managed response, thus, minimizing the impact a breach might have on your business function.

Incident Response Services

  • Incident Response Planning: know what to do when a breach occurs
  • Digital Forensic Analysis: minimize the impact of a breach and determine how to prevent further incidents
  • Formalized program of security patch research, testing, and implementation
  • Remediation services to address and close security holes

Digital Forensics Investigations

Data breaches must be investigated in a timely fashion for the highest probability of finding the root cause of the event. We execute an incident response plan and conduct a full forensic investigation, following the silver platter doctrine required by the Department of Justice. Our forensic investigations are performed under the supervision of a licensed private investigator, as is required by most states. If necessary, all evidence, findings, reports, and documentation may be handed over to authorities for prosecution and may be admissible in a court of law.

  • Develop a forensic investigation plan and follow the plan to the letter
  • Conduct investigations under the strictest level of confidentiality
  • Communicate directly and exclusively with the organization contracting the services
  • Comply to strictest standards from all government bodies
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