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A chain’s weakest link determines the strength and integrity of the whole thing. Every network has vulnerabilities, whether a lack of defenses, hardware and software misconfigurations, or ignorant, negligent, or malicious personnel. Any of these weak links represent by themselves a certainty, rather than a possibility, that an active threat will eventually develop. Cyber attacks almost always succeed by exploiting a single point of failure; remember, a potential threat only needs one way around your defenses, while you must cover every vulnerability.

In our comprehensive cybersecurity assessments, we quickly identify your network’s vulnerabilities, allowing you to concentrate on shoring up your weak links. We conduct both internal and external assessments, evaluating different attack vectors. Our internal assessments assume the role of a compromised member of your organization, and identify how your network may be vulnerable from the inside. Conversely, our external assessments assume the role of an outside party, someone with no internal knowledge or access privileges, and we identify every possible breach that could be made into your network. These cybersecurity assessments are critical in establishing a baseline understanding of the real state of your network’s security.

Following our cybersecurity assessments, we provide continued assurance against new vulnerabilities through regularly scheduled penetration tests.  Vulnerabilities arise continuously as unintended consequences of developing technologies, such as by the introduction of new software, software patches, configurations, or hardware, or changes in policy, personnel, and cyber attack strategy. Here, as in our initial assessments, we attempt to breach your network to identify any new vulnerabilities that may have developed from this continual evolution, in order to continually evolve your security in turn.


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