Remediation & Investigation Preparation

Many organizations find out the hard way that simply identifying vulnerabilities doesn’t provide protection from them. Many vulnerabilities stem from minute misconfigurations or inadequately architectured applications, which are often outside of the area of expertise or job description of system administrators. Cybersecurity remediation is a challenging and very specific expertise, and consequently it isn’t very fair to dump a comprehensive list of vulnerabilities on your IT person/department. Our experts will work with your personnel to effectively mitigate vulnerabilities in your network, prioritizing them to address the most critical first.

Unfortunately, not all cyber-attacks are preventable, even with rock solid defensive strategies in place. At some point, a vulnerability may be exploited and your network breached. Even if the attack is directly neutralized, indirect complications may still ensue, such as professional embarrassment, loss of trust, denied insurance claims over negligence, or even legal and investigative implications. Our cybersecurity remediation services can also prepare you to comply with the appropriate information security standards, to minimize these effects on your organization. We can help you stay prepared to proactively cooperate with any potential investigations.


Need compliance? HIPAA, NIST, PCI, NY DFS, GDPR, DFARS... Abacode can help. We are solely dedicated to providing one consolidated source for all cybersecurity products and services. Experience the difference at

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