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The most effective vulnerability for a cyber attacker to exploit is a target’s ignorance and unpreparedness. As we provide a specially tailored solution to your cybersecurity needs, we are also uniquely qualified to provide your organization with comprehensive and specific cybersecurity training.

Keeping up with the newest system vulnerabilities and cyber attack strategies presents an extraordinary challenge. The speed technology is advancing means that new attack surfaces arise constantly, and cyber attacks on your network will occur. All members of your organization have an impact on your security posture and whether or not those attacks succeed. Indeed, as individuals in different roles interact differently with your network, they must be aware of cybersecurity concepts specific and relevant to their roles. Our cybersecurity training will teach all members of your organization in both how to recognize and minimize vulnerabilities and how to prepare for network-crippling or asset-compromising incidents. Our high-touch approach will ensure that your organization and its members, clients, and dependents are as aware of your network security as possible.


Interesting read on @Xconomy about how #ai can be a double-edged sword when it comes to #cybersecurity - while it will be still some time before we will see A.I. fully deployed in cybersecurity scenarios both the pro and contra sides make good arguments

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