Real-Time Optimization

Continuously Improve Your Defenses

We guide you on your journey to cybersecurity maturity via analytics, machine learning, and leading-edge threat analysis. Many organizations find out the hard way that merely identifying vulnerabilities doesn’t provide protection from them. Many vulnerabilities stem from last-minute misconfigurations or inadequately architected applications, which are often outside of the area of expertise or job description of system administrators. In order to achieve true maturity for your organization’s IT processes, you need to enable ongoing improvement that accounts for ever-changing needs. Your cybersecurity is no exception, as patches, updates, and new devices all constantly introduce new threats to your company’s data security.

Optimization Services

  • Tuning and maintenance for DLP, Firewall, and IDS
  • Patch & Vulnerabilities Management
  • AI & machine learning advancements
  • Cyber Lab product evaluation services
  • Risk management roadmap
  • Research into security threats & zero-day vulnerabilities

Improving Cybersecurity Capability Maturity

A security framework is only the beginning. It must be constantly fine-tuned and improved to keep pace with emerging threats. By approaching security from all possible angles, constantly monitoring systems with both human and artificial intelligence, and analyzing in-depth data, we strategically develop and execute custom cybersecurity strategies. We provide executives with the information they need to determine cybersecurity spend. We also provide IT with the security architecture feedback and analysis based on research of the latest products and solutions.

  • Total cybersecurity package from architecture design to threat remediation
  • Data is collected and analyzed through every step of the process for ongoing optimization tailored to your needs
  • Abacode’s Cyber Lab researches advancements in AI, machine learning, and IoT trends to offer you the most cutting-edge security
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