Vulnerability Remediation


What is Vulnerability Remediation?

Vulnerability remediation is the act of finding and fixing security holes in your software and network before attacks can happen.

Vulnerabilities are found through the combined efforts of automated tracking tools and cyber security specialists auditing software and network infrastructures, looking for known and unknown problems.

Once a problem has been discovered, vulnerability remediation usually occurs by:

  • Applying a “patch” to the security hole in the software. A patch is a term used to describe replacing an older version of software with a newer version which contains additional code that fixes the security hole.
  • Quarantining the network asset with the security hole and reconfigure it so that it is impossible for unauthorized individuals to gain access to it
  • In cases where vital business flows are not dependent on the asset or its vulnerability poses too great a risk to keep it on the network, get rid of it altogether until a fix has been applied

Vulnerability Remediation – A Pinch of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Between IT mitigation, public relations and legal fees, cyber breaches can rack up exorbitant costs. Active remediation on your IT infrastructure is the best way to avoid costly cyber security mitigation.

Abacode’s SWAT Style of Vulnerability Remediation

Due to the breadth and frequency of software and network vulnerabilities, remediation is often a task that your internal IT team or MSP doesn’t have the bandwidth to manage.

Abacode’s team brings years of experience in addressing vulnerabilities, hardening systems, and designing secured solutions. We employ a SWAT style to remediation that accelerates your path to regulatory compliance and better cybersecurity.