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As the leading Managed Cybersecurity & Compliance Provider (MCCP) in the U.S., this next-generation approach to security operations integrates traditional MDR and SOC with Compliance Management.

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Increase in Cybercrime since COVID-19

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In a world of increasing compliance regulations, Abacode’s MCCP approach reduces your operating cost and increases internal efficiency with the ability to outsource your  cybersecurity & compliance program.

Abacode combines advanced technologies and services to help companies predict and prevent modern, sophisticated cyber threats while preparing them for strict compliance mandates.

The combination of software-driven security solutions and our compliance experts enables our Virtual Compliance SOC, extending EDR and MDR coverage to include full compliance reporting, detection, and response.

Connect with our cybersecurity & compliance readiness team so that you can focus on your core business.

Organizations outsource their cybersecurity and compliance services to Abacode at 30% of the cost of hiring additional internal employees and purchasing multiple software products or outsourcing to a numerous amount of different vendors and suppliers

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Abacode was the first company that could not only advise our team on the right strategy but also implement and run an entire outsourced Cybersecurity and Compliance program for us.

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Small Businesses

Reduce risk within budget

Abacode services protect your business today while creating a strong, safe foundation for future growth.

Mid Market

Simplify security operations

Abacode efficiently manages cybersecurity and compliance requirements for companies in the middle of the growth curve.


Increased value to clients

Abacode lets you provide reliable cybersecurity and compliance services that help you gain and retain clients.

Two U.S.-Based 24/7 Security Operation Centers

Innovation, Security, and Compliance As It Happens.

Our Compliance-Driven SOC (C-SOC) provides visibility into active security threats across the enterprise, while mapping to compliance controls in near real-time.

Unifying Cybersecurity & Compliance that is driven and reported on from our 24/7 C-SOC and translates to threat and compliance management on an ongoing basis. Our clients see a dramatic improvement in threat detection and protection and a new-found visibility into regulatory compliance without the complexity or cost of multiple supplier partners.

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Data Breach : What really happens in the first 24 hours.

Abacode SOC-as-a-Service


 Abacode combines leading Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) and AI Threat Detection software with our Security Operations Center (SOC) for real-time visibility across your entire threat landscape.

Vulnerability and Gap Assessments


Abacode delivers comprehensive  assessments that include report cards,  business impact analysis, and remediation strategies.

Digital Forensics and Incident Response


 Our DFIR teams leverage industry-leading software and threat intelligence data enriched with years of cyberattack and threat experience to manage the preparation, response, and mitigation when an attack does occur.

Compliance Readiness


 Abacode’s managed compliance solutions ensure your organization abides by regulation requirements and/or certification bodies (CB) in preparation for audits against security standards such as CMMC, HIPAA, FedRAMP, NIST, and SOC 2.