Strengthening Private Equity Cybersecurity – Abacode’s Collaboration with Microsoft Security

White Paper - Strengthening Private Equity Cybersecurity

Strengthening Private Equity Cybersecurity:

Abacode’s Collaboration with Microsoft Security

Private equity professionals should download this white paper to gain insights on strengthening cybersecurity, achieving regulatory compliance, and safeguarding investments through Abacode’s partnership with Microsoft Security.

Private equity firms can enhance their cybersecurity posture through Abacode’s collaboration with Microsoft Security. By leveraging Microsoft E3 and E5 licenses and activating Azure Sentinel and Microsoft Defender, firms can achieve continuous threat monitoring, regulatory compliance, and bolster their due diligence processes.


  • Abacode and Microsoft partnership offers tailored cybersecurity services for private equity firms.
  • Utilizing Microsoft licenses enables enhanced threat detection and endpoint protection.
  • The collaboration strengthens regulatory compliance and due diligence processes, instilling confidence in investors and stakeholders.