Third Party Risk Management

Addressing the Growing Concern with Third Party Risk

As companies increasingly rely on vendors and suppliers for non-core functions, their ecosystem of third-party relationships can impact overall security and compliance. Monitoring this large network poses a challenge for organizations.

To address these concerns, Abacode offers a solution that provides continuous monitoring of cybersecurity and compliance across all of an organization’s third party relationships. This approach ensures that any potential risks are identified and addressed promptly, thereby reducing the risk of security breaches and compliance violations.

    Abacode White Paper - There Is A Better Way--Why the Current Approach to Cybersecurity and Compliance Does Not Work

    There is a Better Way!

    Why the Current Approach to Cybersecurity and Compliance Does Not Work

    Author: Anil Markose, Chief Strategy Officer
    Abacode Cybersecurity & Compliance

    Download this whitepaper to gain insight into the problems with the current approach to cybersecurity, compliance, and third party risk, and why it is a growing concern.


    MCCP Core by Abacode Cybersecurity & Compliance

    What is MCCP Core?

    MCCP is a holistic “stack” of cybersecurity & compliance services combined into one efficient managed program. Clients, partners, supply-chain, and regulators are increasingly demanding that organizations prove a degree of cybersecurity maturity tied to compliance with regulatory and best-practices frameworks.

    This is driving a growing interrelationship between cybersecurity & compliance. By combining these into a single managed service, customers realize substantial cost savings and reduced operational and organizational complexity.


    • 24/7/365 “eyes on glass” MDR, threat hunting, and compliance monitoring
    • Integrated SIEM & Compliance Portal
    • Integrated reporting
    • Mapped to critical compliance controls
    • Turnkey program built for flexibility


      • GRC dashboard with compliance management
      • Continuous compliance attestation for auditors, prospects, clients, partners, and supply-chain
      • Compliance & cybersecurity integrated into ONE managed program
      • Continuous cybersecurity & compliance monitoring
      • Entire team of cybersecurity & compliance experts for a fraction of the cost
      • One convenient monthly subscription fee
      • Resolution of the toughest challenges around compliance, cost & complexity