Ben Trowbridge, Abacode Board of Advisors

Ben Trowbridge

Board of Advisors

Ben Trowbridge is an Award-Winning CEO & Board Member who has led five organizations from inception to $50M to $300M in revenue, three of which resulted in successful exit events.

Ben currently serves on the board of advisors for Abacode Inc., an innovative Cybersecurity compliance and services company, the board of directors for Working Solutions, a leading work-from-home contact center BPO firm, the board of advisors for Spacee, a computer vision and artificial intelligence company transforming the way inventory is managed, and as a board member with Beyond Capital Fund - a leading Social Impact Investment Fund. He previously served as Chairman of Alsbridge India and ProBenchmark PLC.

He founded EY's Global Cybersecurity as a Service practice, where he approached, recruited, and hired a leadership team and developed the strategy that moved it from concept to becoming the highest growth managed services business unit.

While at EY, he was named to the Outsourcing Leadership Hall of Fame and the  2019 "Innovator of the Year" by CEO magazine.

Mr. Trowbridge was educated at Northwestern State University of Louisiana, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts. He is a former United States Marine Corps Infantry Officer, is married, and has two children.