Technology Partners

Abacode stands at the forefront of cybersecurity and compliance solutions, proudly partnering with some of the world's leading and most cutting-edge technology providers. Together, we forge a dynamic alliance, harnessing advanced technologies and innovative approaches to keep our clients secure and compliant in an ever-evolving digital landscape. With Abacode as your ally, rest assured that you are fortified by the best in the industry.

SIEM Technology Partners

  • Microsoft logo

    Microsoft Sentinel

    Abacode proudly partners with Microsoft Sentinel SIEM, harnessing its advanced threat detection and deep analytics. This alliance amplifies our cybersecurity prowess, ensuring clients experience unmatched security and peace of mind in the digital landscape.

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  • at&t logo

    AT&T Cybersecurity

    In collaboration with AT&T Cybersecurity SIEM, Abacode integrates cutting-edge security analytics into its core offerings. Leveraging the strengths of both entities, we provide clients with enhanced protection and seamless monitoring. Together, we form a robust bastion against the evolving landscape of cyber threats.

  • splunk logo


    By intertwining our capabilities with Splunk SIEM, Abacode amplifies its security metrics and insights. This partnership ensures our clients benefit from deep-dive analytics and streamlined threat intelligence. Together with Splunk, we craft a fortified defense against the complexities of modern cyber threats.

EDR Technology Partners

  • Microsoft logo

    Microsoft Defender

    Integrating with Microsoft Defender EDR, Abacode bolsters its endpoint security solutions. Our collaboration delivers clients refined threat intelligence and enhanced protection. With Microsoft Defender’s expertise woven into our approach, we provide a comprehensive shield against endpoint vulnerabilities in today’s cyber landscape.

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  • sentinelone logo


    Blending our strengths with SentinelOne EDR, Abacode heightens its endpoint defense capabilities. This synergy ensures clients receive unparalleled threat detection and remediation. With the prowess of SentinelOne underpinning our strategies, we navigate the digital realm with a reinforced stance against sophisticated cyber threats.

  • crowdstrike logo


    Incorporating the power of Crowdstrike EDR, Abacode enhances its posture in endpoint security. This union offers clients razor-sharp threat detection and swift mitigation. Armed with Crowdstrike’s leading-edge capabilities, we stand firm, ensuring a vigilant and adaptive defense against the nuances of cyber adversities.

Managed SIEM and EDR

Unlock the full potential of these cutting-edge technologies with Abacode's expert cybersecurity solutions and guidance.