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Navigating CMMC

Tuesday, November 17

1:00PM EST


A CMMC Solution Workshop hosted by Abacode’s Solutions Advisory Team.

As a contractor within the DoD supply chain, you are facing new cybersecurity requirements. If you fail to meet these standards, you will not be unable to win contracts with the federal government, starting as soon as November 2020.  Register today to ensure you’re organization is prepared.

Past Events


Season 2 Announcement Coming Up

From the SOC Director’s Desk: UNHACKED! Season 01

Abacode will walk you through real-world cybersecurity events, how they were solved, and what your company can do to avoid them. Check out Season 01 episodes below.
Abacode EVENTS - CYA Toolkit for CISOs

Thursday, November 12

1:00pm est

CYA Toolkit for CISOs

Perhaps you are like the 200 CISOs who shared their insights in the security leaders report, which revealed that organizations are using 57 separate security tools with 27% claiming they’re running a staggering 76 or more security products. 

These tools aren’t necessarily making your organization less vulnerable. In fact, many organizations find that they’re often flying blind when it comes to security.  

Join this session to learn:  

  • Valuable techniques to optimize your cyber spend and offer risk-balanced, cost-effective security solutions for your organization  
  • Key insights into the decision-making process to gain better visibility and control over your assets, attack surface, and cyber defense posture  
  • How to clearly define the business requirements and control objectives that should be driving your solution options and purchasing decision that will drive the most attractive ROI for your business and stakeholders 
Abacode - C-Suite Virtual Lunch & Learn Roundtable

Monthly By Invitation Only

Next Roundtable:

Thursday, October 29

12:30PM EST

By Invitation Only: Virtual C-Suite Conversations

Sometimes the best way to help keep your lunch from being eaten when it comes to cybersecurity challenges and risk management is to have conversations with experts and peers. That’s why we host virtual roundtables with Lunch on us! These events are by invitation only.


Thursday, October 15

12:00pm est

Best Practices for Reducing Email Compromise (Except for Eliminating Humans)

Other than eliminating humans, what are the best practices for reducing business email compromise?

Join this session to learn how to:

– leverage the cloud
– take advantage of SaaS security features
– implement email security controls, monitor and respond to incidents, and
– empower your workforce to be the first line of defense

Presented by Sean Letona, Senior Security Engineer at Abacode, Inc.

Abacode EVENTS roundtable

Tuesday, September 1

2:00PM EST

Abacode Roundtable hosted by Millennium:
How to Transform Your Cybersecurity Challenges Into a Competitive Advantage

What are the cybersecurity challenges faced by many organizations today and what can you do to turn these challenges into business opportunities? These are the questions Michael Brooks, SVP, RevOps and Toney Jennings, Chief Revenue Officer will explore in the roundtable.

Abacode Events - CISO EXCHANGE

August 24 & 25

IQPC: CISO Exchange

During these virtual meetings, we’ll discuss strategies and steps business leaders can take to transform cybersecurity challenges into a competitive advantage. Learn more about how to join the conversation with Abacode’s Michael Brooks, SVP, RevOps and Toney Jennings, Chief Revenue Officer.

Abacode Events - Disrupt the Bay

Thursday, August 6 – Friday, August 7

Abacode: Thursday

2:50PM-3:20pm EST

Disrupt the Bay- A Digital Tech conference:
“The New Normal: Blurring the Lines of Healthcare IT Security”

Jeremy Rasmussen, Abacode’s CSO & CTO, will explain how to tackle real-world technical challenges frequently faced by healthcare providers.