Advance Your Career by Joining One of the Fastest Growing Cybersecurity & Compliance Teams in the U.S.

The Leader in Unified Cybersecurity & Compliance

Our strategic approach encompasses almost every aspect of cybersecurity and compliance. This provides our team members incredible lateral and upward mobility of roles, titles, and responsibilities.

  • Industry-leading Expertise

    Our holistic focus ensures we stay ahead in the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.

  • Investing in Talent

    We believe in nurturing our team's potential, leading to professional growth and excellence.

  • Empowered Teams

    The breadth of our approach translates to empowered individuals capable of making impactful decisions in their roles.

A Career With A Purpose

Every day, without fail, we commit ourselves to the essential task of safeguarding our clients and the broader nation from an ever-evolving landscape of global threats and malicious actors. This mission, far beyond a mere job, is a significant responsibility we shoulder with determination and seriousness. We are deeply honored to play this pivotal role, understanding that our efforts are vital in ensuring a secure and stable future for all those we serve.

  • Unwavering Standards

    Consistently upholding the highest standards of vigilance and unwavering dedication in every scenario.

  • Resilient Adaptability

    Navigating the complexities of an ever-changing threat landscape with unmatched adaptability and enduring resilience.

  • Trust as Our Compass

    Always placing the well-being, trust, and peace of mind of those we serve at the forefront of our actions and decisions.

Embracing Continuous Learning

Our team members are seasoned experts in cybersecurity, with deep knowledge stemming from years of experience. Yet, they remain committed to continuous learning, recognizing the ever-evolving nature of cyber threats. We value education at every career stage and offer strong support for professional development. Both new and experienced team members are encouraged to stay updated, ensuring we remain at the forefront of cyber defense. Our collective growth not only benefits the individual but enhances our overall capability to tackle the dynamic cyber landscape.

  • Adapting to Change

    Our commitment to learning ensures we navigate the shifting cybersecurity terrain with agility.

  • Cultivating Talent

    From novices to experts, we nurture growth, fostering a culture where knowledge meets experience.

  • Empowering Our Team

    Through continuous education, we enhance each member's confidence and capability, enriching their professional journey in cybersecurity.

Working at Abacode

We are a rapidly growing, fluid company. This allows us to help you grow your career at your own pace, and in the lane you want to grow in. We provide an opportunity to work on multiple types of projects, expand your skill sets and bring new ideas to the table. Our dedication to your professional growth plus our competitive benefits and awesome perks are how we continue to attract and retain the top talent in the U.S.

  • Hybrid / Flexible Work

    We believe in schedules that work for you and offer various modes of work.

  • Medical, Dental, Vision

    Comprehensive insurance plans that include Medical, Dental, and Vision.

  • Paid Time Off

    Along with holidays, we offer competitive PTO that increases with tenure.

  • 401(k) and ROTH

    Plan and save for the future with our 401(k) and ROTH plans.

  • Abacode Cares Program

    We are proud to actively maintain charity and volunteer events that support the Greater Tampa area and more.

  • Life Insurance

    For your beneficiaries, Abacode pays a $25k on a Life Insurance policy.

  • Disability

    For unexpected events, we offer both Short-Term and Long-Term Disability pay.

  • Discount and Rewards

    Discover our free employee discounts and rewards programs!

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