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The Leader in Unified Cybersecurity & Compliance Services™

With one managed program, secure your digital environment and reach a state of continuous compliance.

Delivering Business Outcomes and Metrics That Matter

  • 4x Faster

    Achieve Cybersecurity and Regulatory Compliance Results Four Times Faster Than Industry Average.

  • Higher Value

    Implement Cybersecurity and Compliance Programs More Cost-Efficient Than Ever.

  • Consolidated Strategy

    Streamline Vendor and Tech Stack Complexity, and Consolidate Reporting.

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Threat Landscape

Organizations are now challenged more than ever to detect breaches at lightning speed, comply with rigorous standards, diligently assess vulnerabilities in their vendor chain, and grapple with surging cyber insurance premiums. MCCP Core™ is the answer, bundling these requirements into a singular, streamlined program.

  • 137

    Number of countries that have put in place legislation to secure the protection of data and privacy.

  • 62%

    Percentage of system breaches originated from an organization's third-party ecosystem. Exploiting the appropriate third party greatly amplifies the impact for cybercriminals.

  • 56%

    US cyber insurance premiums surged 56% in 2022 as increased ransomware attacks and online commerce drove demand for coverage.

  • 197

    The average number of days it takes a company to discover a breach.

MCCP Core™

Abacode has pioneered a comprehensive, managed cybersecurity and compliance program, merging cyber defense, ongoing compliance, and third-party risk management. Discover MCCP Core™ for a secure, digital landscape.



MCCP Core™

Secure, Remediate, Comply

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Why Customers Choose Abacode

  • "Abacode was the first company that could not only advise our team on the right strategy but also implement and run an entire outsourced Cybersecurity and Compliance program for us."

    Jim Miller , CIO
  • "We rely on partners to help drive the Tech Data brand and services practice forward, and Abacode is one of those companies we’ve been incredibly excited to collaborate with. Abacode’s people and process are second to none. They bring a level of quality and depth of services that are truly hard to find. Tech Data and Abacode, combined, are hard to beat."

    Vice President, Security Solutions , Tech Data

Managed Cybersecurity and Compliance Program


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    Cyber Defense

    Our 24/7 SOC-as-a-Service, powered by leading SIEM & AI platforms, offers real-time threat visibility and live analyst support.

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    Continuous Compliance

    Our managed compliance services guide and support your ongoing regulatory compliance.

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    Third Party Risk Monitoring

    Our continuous partner risk monitoring aligns your partners with your standards for extensive protection.

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    Powered by SCOUT™

    SCOUT goes beyond typical analytics, offering enterprises a sophisticated toolset to assess third-party vendor cybersecurity.

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Managed Cybersecurity & Compliance

Empower your business to forecast and prevent advanced cyber threats while maintaining rigorous compliance. Our Virtual Compliance SOC expands your security coverage with comprehensive compliance reporting, detection, and response capabilities.

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    Competitive Advantage

    Cyber-secure businesses gain an competitive advantage by ensuring safer transactions and collaborations for their clients.

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    Maintain Compliance

    Avoid costly fines and penalties, ensuring resources are dedicated to value-driven activities rather than remediation.

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    Business Continuity

    Maintain a commitment to providing consistent and reliable service delivery to both clients and partners.

Peace of Mind

We simplify security operations with integrated solutions, automation, managed services, compliance expertise, and continuous improvement, allowing you to focus on growth and innovation.

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    Infrastructure and Technology Savings

    We empower companies to tap into advanced security and compliance technology without the burdens of ownership, upgrades, or obsolescence expenses.

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    Economies of Scale

    We optimize operational expenses by sharing costs among multiple clients, delivering cost-effective solutions through resource sharing and bulk operations.

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    Reduce Direct Costs

    Companies can save on hiring, training, and retaining costs by accessing specialized external expertise instead of maintaining full-time internal teams.

Guided Assurance

Our in-depth global regulatory expertise stands out in the complex compliance field. Businesses can navigate diverse standards with ease, promoting trust and highlighting Abacode’s crucial role in the compliance landscape.

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    Proactive Approach

    We anticipate future regulatory shifts, ensuring your business stays ahead and avoids compliance pitfalls.

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    Tailored Solutions

    We provide customized solutions suited for the specific needs and risks of your business.

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    As your business grows or faces unique challenges, we have the ability to quickly scale up and adjust to your needs.

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Microsoft Security

Unlock the Benefits of your Microsoft Security Stack with Abacode

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