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Managed Compliance Frameworks

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  • CMMC

    Boost your DoD contract opportunities with CMMC compliance, expanding your revenue streams. Our program saves costs, streamlines cybersecurity and compliance, and accelerates audit readiness.

    INDUSTRIES: Defense Contractors, Aerospace and defense, IT, Manufacturers, Logistics and supply chain

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  • NIST 800-171

    We focus on NIST 800-171 readiness, allowing organizations to engage in federal contracts. Our compliance portal streamlines control tracking for ongoing security compliance.

    INDUSTRIES: IT, Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing, Energy, Telecom, Government

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  • ISO 27001

    Boost your organization’s credibility with ISO standards for enhanced security. Explore ISO 27001, where we specialize in implementation and offer continuous compliance support.

    INDUSTRIES: Manufacturing, IT, Healthcare, Aerospace and defense, Energy, Finance, Education

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  • SOC 2

    Finance, retail, healthcare, computing and cloud storage, and SaaS are a few of the types of businesses that may need SOC 2 Certification, but any B2B that handles customer data can benefit from proactively gaining certification.

    INDUSTRIES: Tech & cloud, SaaS, MSPs, Data center/hosting, Financial, Payment processors, Investment, Insurance, Healthcare, Legal, Education, Government contractors

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    We simplify HIPAA – HITECH compliance, enabling your healthcare business to focus on patient care. We provide expertise, convenience through our compliance portal, and dedicated support.

    INDUSTRIES: Healthcare, Health insurance, Healthcare tech, Pharmaceutical, Medical manufacturers, Telehealth

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  • PCI

    Abacode streamlines PCI compliance with expert assessments, security measures, and ongoing monitoring. Their holistic approach ensures organizations are audit-ready, minimizing risks and protecting cardholder data effectively.

    INDUSTRIES: Retail, Hospitality, E-commerce, Finance, Service providers

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  • CIS Controls

    Embrace the CIS Controls to fortify cybersecurity defenses. Prioritized and adaptive, these controls enhance security, protect assets, and boost resilience against cyber threats in today’s digital world.


    Adopt the NIST Cybersecurity framework to enhance overall cybersecurity posture by effectively managing and mitigating cyber risks, promoting a proactive security culture, and aligning its security practices with recognized industry standards and best practices.

    INDUSTRIES: IT, Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing, Energy, Telecom, Government

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