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About Abacode

We are dedicated to delivering unbiased cybersecurity products, solutions, and compliance readiness services for national and multi-national organizations.

Unified Cybersecurity & Compliance

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Framework-based Gap Assessment

Our process begins with a Gap Assessment against an appropriate regulatory or industry best-practices framework. Unlike many service providers, Abacode will not drop the Gap Assessment in your hands and wish you success – we deliver a Remediation Roadmap that describes controls necessary to reach the desired state of maturity.

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Compliance Implementation

Once we have delivered a Remediation Roadmap, you are in control and have options:

  • DIY: You can implement the prescribed security controls yourself.
  • Guided by Abacode: Together, we will cooperatively implement the required controls.
  • Full Implementation: Abacode can fully implement the controls on your behalf.
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Security & Compliance Program Management

Abacode can fully manage your entire integrated Cybersecurity and Compliance Program.

  • Continuous monitoring and management: From our 24/7/365 Security Operations Center with dashboard reporting of the state of your integrated risk management program.
  • Cyber Spend Optimization across your organization.
  • Deliver cybersecurity & compliance checks and balances to the C-Suite
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  • 2014

    Co-founded by Michael Ferris and Rolando Torres.
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  • 2018

    Ranked #2 in Security on the Top 150 list of MSSPs by Computer Resource Network.
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  • 2019

    Ranked #67 of Top 200 MSSPs By MSSP Alert, provider of news and cybersecurity research.

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  • 2020

    First outside investment accepted by Abacode for Series A.
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  • 2020

    Abacode opens second Security Operations Center in Las Vegas.
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  • 2020

    Abacode receives ISO 27001 Certification.
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  • 2023

    Abacode achieves the Microsoft Designation of Solution Provider for Security.
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  • 2023

    Abacode Wins Tech Company of the Year by Tampa Bay Tech.
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