ACG Endorsed Partner Provider for MCCP Core


Abacode Cybersecurity & Compliance has created a strategic partnership with the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG). Through this partnership, Abacode is ACG’s endorsed partner provider for advisory and managed cybersecurity and compliance services (MCCP).

“The issue of cybersecurity and its impact on middle market M&A has become increasingly relevant to our network and finding a partner that understands our space was paramount. Over a year of searching led us to Abacode and their MCCP Core Program, providing expertise to finance-driven members in an ever-changing environment,” said Ben Greenwood, Partnerships Manager & Business Development, ACG.

With their Managed Cybersecurity & Compliance Provider (MCCP) approach, Abacode will be supporting ACG member companies across the nation to address cybersecurity challenges and navigate the proposed U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) cybersecurity rules for private equity, investment advisors and funds

 “We are very excited to partner with ACG and its member companies.  It’s been great to see how our services have struck such a positive chord, especially with financial and business leaders,” said Michael Ferris, Abacode CEO.  We understand how critical it is for a Board of Directors to find a partner where cybersecurity is their sole focus.  Not just to advise them on a clear path forward but also work alongside their technical team to implement and manage an entire program. We are excited to offer our continued support when and where needed.”

About Abacode

Abacode has unified Cybersecurity and Compliance into one holistic program called MCCP Core™.  MCCP Core™ combines leading technologies and professional services to implement framework-based Cybersecurity and Compliance programs for clients throughout the world. Our unique model empowers organizations to achieve results five times faster than industry standards and at a fraction of the cost. Organizations who partner with Abacode are able to make objective and reasoned security investments based on their business needs, budget, and risk tolerance and ultimately transform their cybersecurity challenges into a competitive advantage

About ACG

Founded in 1954, ACG is the premier M&A deal-making community with a mission of driving middle-market growth. ACG’s global network operates within 61 local markets worldwide and comprises more than 100,000 middle-market professionals who invest, own, and advise growing companies.

ACG delivers on its mission to drive middle-market growth by bringing these professionals together and giving them the resources to navigate the industry landscape to their utmost success

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