Addition of Data Governance Program to MCCP Core Services


Abacode Cybersecurity & Compliance has added a Data Governance Program including Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to its stack of managed cybersecurity & compliance services.

Abacode has invested a considerable amount of time and effort in developing a simple, repeatable, and scalable approach to meet our customers’ DLP needs. Our approach not only accommodates ecosystems of varying sizes and complexities but also adapts to the technology investments the customer has already made and can be leveraged with little to zero extra spend on point solutions.

Data Governance starts by discovering where confidential data resides in the organization, who has access to that data, and how that data flows through the organization.  Abacode’s comprehensive data governance program mitigates the risk of data leakage and exfiltration through the implementation of DLP administrative and technical controls at all levels of the organization leveraging the systems and capabilities that are already in place.”  highlighted Abacode’s COO, Rolando Torres.

Abacode’s Data Governance program consists of three components that customers can select from which allows Abacode to meet the customer where they are in their data governance journey.

Data Governance Assessment – Deliverables

  • DLP roadmap
  • DLP workflow
  • Data boundary diagrams
  • Classification criteria document

DLP Implementation – Deliverables

  • Data classification and labeling
  • Functional DLP
  • Data location report
  • DLP violations alerting staff or SIEM

Data Governance Support

  • Continuous tuning of DLP
  • Modify Taxonomies of established classifications
  • Helpdesk support
  • Continuous validation of data governance program​
  • Remediation of false positive and user overrides of classifications​.

Abacode formulates a complete Data Governance Program for its customers complete with policy, procedure, data ingress and egress mappings, role-based access control, DLP technologies enforcing the authorized flow of data, and extra protection layered on top of a customer’s most sensitive data. Custom Data Governance programs are based on the following criteria from each customer:

  • What type of sensitive data do you have?
  • Where is the sensitive data by type?
  • Do you know who your data custodians are?
  • How can sensitive data leave your control?
  • Where is the sensitive data being introduced?
  • What boundaries do you want to establish for your data?
  • What extra protections do you need to apply to your sensitive data?
  • Have you considered structured vs. unstructured data?

About Abacode:

Abacode is a Managed Cybersecurity & Compliance Provider (MCCP). Abacode combines leading technologies and professional services to implement holistic, framework-based Cybersecurity and Compliance programs for clients throughout the world. Abacode’s unique model empowers organizations to make objective and reasoned security investments based on their business needs, budget, and risk tolerance to ultimately transform their cybersecurity challenges into a competitive advantage.

For more information on Abacode’s managed cybersecurity & compliance services including DLP, please contact us.