About Abacode

Cybersecurity & Compliance In One Managed Service

Abacode is a Managed Cybersecurity & Compliance Provider (MCCP). We help you implement a holistic, framework-based cybersecurity program. Our unique model enables you to achieve continuous security and compliance. We meet you where you are to help you make objective and reasoned security and compliance investments.

Abacode’s MCCP approach reduces your operating cost and increases internal efficiency with the ability to outsource your entire cybersecurity & compliance program.


The Abacode Difference

We Understand Your Pain

A robust cybersecurity program has become a condition of doing business as clients, vendors, suppliers, and industry regulations are driving compliance

  • Prospects and Clients expect a secure level of data protection
  • Vendors and Suppliers must adhere to standards as a contractual commitment.
  • Industry, state, and new federal regulations will continue to increase the cost of doing business.

At the same time, cybersecurity breaches continue to increase and demand protection from operational shutdown and lost revenue:

  • Phishing
  • Ransomware
  • Malware

A holistic, integrated, full life cycle approach is critical…

  • Industry, state, and new federal regulations will continue to increase the cost of doing business.

The Rise of Compliance Standards is Increasing Punitive Damage for Noncompliance

Abacode’s Approach


One Convenient Monthly Subscription

Small Businesses

Reduce risk within budget

Abacode services protect your business today while creating a strong, safe foundation for future growth.

Mid Market

Simplify security operations

Abacode efficiently manages cybersecurity and compliance requirements for companies in the middle of the growth curve.


Increased value to clients

Abacode lets you provide reliable cybersecurity and compliance services that help you gain and retain clients.

Reduce Complexity

Our approach & process are designed to help reduce complexity, vendor fatigue and knowledge gaps that may exist in your organization.

Our process begins with a Gap Assessment against an appropriate regulatory or industry best-practices framework. Unlike many service providers, Abacode will not drop the Gap Assessment in your hands and wish you success – we deliver a Remediation Roadmap that describes controls necessary to reach the desired state of maturity

ImplementOnce we have delivered a Remediation Roadmap, you are in control and have options:

  • DIY: You can implement the prescribed security controls yourself.
  • Guided by Abacode: Together, we will cooperatively implement the required controls.
  • Full Implementation: Abacode can fully implement the controls on your behalf.

Abacode can fully manage your entire integrated Cybersecurity and Compliance Program.

  • Continuous monitoring and management: From our 24/7/365 Security Operations Center with dashboard reporting of the state of your integrated risk management program.
  • Cyber Spend Optimization across your organization.
  • Deliver cybersecurity & compliance checks and balances to the C-Suite

Awards and Honors

Abacode has been recognized as one of the fastest growing cybersecurity firms in the Americas and Europe.


A Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) dedicated to delivering unbiased cybersecurity products, solutions, and compliance readiness services for national and multi-national organizations.

We deliver fully managed security services before attacks become disruptions and financial hardships.

2020 - Abacode joins industry leaders at Undercroft.

A member-driven cybersecurity guild and capability development center designed to combat one of the world’s greatest threats. We bring together an international community of corporations, startups, investors, and talent to foster collaboration and innovation in the growing cybersecurity ecosystem.

2020 - Ballast Point Ventures

One of the largest venture capital firms invests Series A growth equity to partner with Abacode, and is the first outside investment accepted by Abacode.

2019 - TAG Alliances Strategic Partner

The Partnership between TAG Alliances, a global multidisciplinary alliance, and Abacode creates a powerful competitive advantage. TAG-SP, is consistently recognized as one of the Top 10 alliances of accounting & legal alliances in the world and can extend the Abacode multidisciplinary platform to benefit its 290+ members in over 105 countries.

2019 - Tech Data Strategic Global Partner

Abacode is named a Strategic Global Partner with Tech Data, a global IT distributer that provides products and solutions to channel partners. They, along with us, have identified that the world is becoming more regulated when it comes to cybersecurity.

2019 - Ranked #67 of Top 200 MSSPs

By MSSP Alert, provider of news and cybersecurity research.

2018 - Abacode is ranked #2

Ranked #2 in Security on the Top 150 list of MSSPs by Computer Resource Network.

2018 - Global Platinum Partner Status with KnowBe4

As provider of the world’s largest new-school security awareness and simulated phishing platform, KnowBe4 will complement Abacode’s existing suite of products, solutions and cybersecurity service offerings.

2017 - AlienVault Global Growth Partner of the Year

Abacode established their service offering based on AlienVault in late 2015. They did well in 2016, but 2017 was a breakout year, with the team delivering strong bookings and more than 300% growth – the largest year-over-year % increase of all our global partners.

2017 - Technology Leader of the Year, Jeremy Rassmussen

Tampa Bay Tech Awards, 14th annual, recognizes demonstrated leaders who have made a significant and positive impact on their firm, their technology field, and our local region’s technology community. Jeremy Rasmussen is the Cybersecurity Director & CTO at Abacode.

Giving Back

Community Involvement


Giving back to our community is a part of our DNA. We donate time and money to The Girl Scouts, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Moffit Cancer & Research Institute, Engineers Without Boarders and the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation.
We deliver fully managed security services before attacks become disruptions and financial hardships.