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Cybersecurity-as-a-Service Gains Traction
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Written by Steve Lasky at

Abacode’s CTO, Jeremy Rasmussen was interviewed by for this article. 

Investing in all the people and processes that make up a sound cybersecurity framework is out of the reach of most mid-sized businesses.

As threat vectors in the cybersecurity landscape continue to expand, there is one hard fact that most businesses, either large or small, have learned over the past decade; they neither have the manpower nor the budgets to address their in-house challenges. The premise that a magical one-point solution for firewalls, antivirus, and endpoint protection would be a panacea has failed. Unfortunately, most companies have discovered that it just doesn’t work that way. Your organization must have a strategic framework of security that includes, people, processes, and technology. But perhaps the most important approach for a holistic cybersecurity plan is considering business operations first and then aligning technology to complement the business mission.

For veteran cybersecurity expert Jeremy Rasmussen, a certified CISSP with more than 24 years of experience in developing secure communications systems and providing cybersecurity consulting services in both the private and military sectors throughout the world, creating a vendor-neutral solution that truly applied a holistic approach that turns cybersecurity challenges into business enablers and business differentiators is what drove the development of Abacode Cybersecurity, a Tampa-based cybersecurity and compliance consulting firm that provides risk-based solutions for growing organizations across all industries…