Digital Forensics

Strong Security Defenses

Your company may have already invested heavily in setting up strong security defenses. When an organization like this experiences a breach, they will want to remediate it, but it becomes far more important to figure out how that breach happened if all their defenses have supposedly been set up properly. Abacode refers to this formal investigative service as Digital Forensics.


blue Circuit Objectivity

Our aim is to avoid conclusions about any findings until all reasonable leads have been exhausted and all available facts have been thoroughly examined and considered.

blue Circuit High Ethical Standards

Investigations will be conducted with professionalism, using strict procedures for dealing with incidents. Evidence gathering and chain of custody is established under the supervision of a licensed Private Investigator (PI) as required per state.

blue Circuit Confidentiality and Integrity

The Digital Forensics team will abide by the terms of the Non-Disclosure Agreement and will limit the scope of people with knowledge of the investigation. All external biases will be ignored to maintain the integrity of the fact-finding throughout the investigation.

blue Circuit Quality Reporting

Our Digital Forensics team works alongside a certified private investigator and your outside legal council/insurance provider as necessary. We utilize the silver-platter doctrine to provide a professional quality report as proper documentation for all stakeholders.

principles of digital forensics

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