March 6, 2024 Event
March 6, 2024 Wednesday 1:00 pm - 1:45 pm

Vital Microsoft Security Technologies & Strategies: Improve Security While Reducing Cost and Complexity

Isaiah Jackson
By: Isaiah Jackson

Microsoft Security creates a robust defense ecosystem that helps organizations stay ahead of new threats, protect against sophisticated attacks, and confidently navigate the evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Abacode is Microsoft Designated Solutions Provider for Security with Threat Protection Specialization. Join us as we describe the core features offered within the E5 security suite.

Our discussion will identify strategic approaches to utilizing the E5 suite to its fullest potential, allowing you to leverage these integrated tools efficiently. By consolidating your security needs within the E5 framework, you can eliminate the reliance on multiple, disjointed security solutions, leading to improved security coherence and reduced costs.

We will cover the following:

– Advanced threat protection
– Identity and access management with Microsoft Entra
– Device and application management with Microsoft Intune
– Comprehensive defense strategies offered by Microsoft Defender solutions

Who should join?

1. Organizations with Microsoft licenses for Modern Work applications such as Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, etc., yet lacking access to Microsoft Security technologies. Many opt for this approach to seamlessly integrate into Microsoft Security and uphold a unified vendor strategy.

2. Organizations with M365 E3 licenses that are seeking to transition to E5 licenses for expanded access to security technologies, driven by business growth or evolving needs.

3. Organizations with M365 E5 licenses that are seeking to streamline and consolidate their existing security solutions and maximize the efficiency of their Microsoft security technologies.

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