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Keeping up with shifts in regulations and industry compliance is complex and time-consuming with a high margin of error. To maintain patient and provider trust, data must be secure. Abacode offers Compliance Services to help your organization achieve your healthcare compliance and security objectives. We assess your existing approaches and ensure your company is in line with current regulations and make sure you stay compliant and ready for future changes in regulations and compliance.



The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act is intended to promote the use of health information technology in a controlled and secure way. HITECH supports the enforcement of the HIPAA standards to protect certain health information including patient records and set guidelines around data breach notification requirements.

Remove the stress of constantly worrying about complying to HIPAA’s policies, procedures, and documentation requirements.

  1. Avoid violations and noncompliance fines
  2. Reduce legal liability
  3. Reduce the threat of breaches by identifying vulnerable networks

We take care of the complicated technical aspects of compliance so your business can provide superior healthcare services and patient care.

Abacode offers unparalleled client support services in the area of compliance.

Our team comprises trained and certified experts who have thorough understanding of the health information systems to ensure the best quality of service.

HIPPA Safeguards

HIPAA safeguards

Why Choose Abacode as Your MSSP?

As certified cybersecurity & compliance experts (CISSP, CIA, CISA, CEH, PMP, etc.), HIPAA/HITECH readiness is one of our focuses. Abacode continuously prepares organizations for HIPAA audits throughout the year and help them maintain compliance moving forward.

Abacode’s compliance portal helps streamline continuous compliance and security control effectiveness tracking for organizations before, during, and after audits.

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