MCCP Core™

Managed Cybersecurity & Compliance Service Provider

MCCP Core Includes the Following:

MCCP Core by Abacode Cybersecurity & Compliance

What is MCCP Core?

MCCP is a holistic “stack” of cybersecurity & compliance services combined into one efficient managed program. Clients, partners, supply-chain, and regulators are increasingly demanding that organizations prove a degree of cybersecurity maturity tied to compliance with regulatory and best-practices frameworks.

This is driving a growing interrelationship between cybersecurity & compliance. By combining these into a single managed service, customers realize substantial cost savings and reduced operational and organizational complexity.


  • 24/7/365 “eyes on glass” MDR, threat hunting, and compliance monitoring
  • Integrated SIEM & Compliance Portal
  • Integrated reporting
  • Mapped to critical compliance controls
  • Turnkey program built for flexibility


    • GRC dashboard with compliance management
    • Continuous compliance attestation for auditors, prospects, clients, partners, and supply-chain
    • Compliance & cybersecurity integrated into ONE managed program
    • Continuous cybersecurity & compliance monitoring
    • Entire team of cybersecurity & compliance experts for a fraction of the cost
    • One convenient monthly subscription fee
    • Resolution of the toughest challenges around compliance, cost & complexity

    MCCP core
    One Convenient Monthly Subscription

    Right-Sized for your organization


    Starts at $9k/m
    less than 1 FTE

    • Up to 100 employees
    • Up to 5 external IPs
    • Up to 100 active internal IPs
    • Up to 250 GB of log ingestion per month


    Starts at $15k/m

    • Up to 500 employees
    • Up to 10 external IPs
    • Up to 500 active internal IPs
    • Up to 500 GB of log ingestion per month


    Starts at $22k/m

    • Up to 1,000 employees
    • Up to 25 external IPs
    • Up to 1,000 active internal IPs
    • Up to 1 TB of log ingestion per month


    Starts at $30k/m

    • Up to 2,000 employees
    • Up to 50 external IPs
    • Up to 2,000 active internal IPs
    • Up to 2 TB of log ingestion per month


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    • More than 2,000 employees