File Integrity Monitoring

File Integrity Monitoring

What is File Integrity Monitoring?

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) is a cyber security tactic that monitors changes to files, protecting you from cyber attack and data breaches.

File data goes through many changes over the course of its lifetime. Though most changes are benign, the assumption they are benign is what makes cyber attacks via file manipulation fly under the radar.

File Integrity Monitoring entails analyzing files to see:

  • If files have changed
  • How were the files changed
  • Who manipulated the files
  • Were the changes authorized
  • What needs to be done to restore those files if changes were not authorized

File Integrity Monitoring for IT Infrastructure and Business Data Security

Abacode uses file integrity monitoring to validate the integrity of an operating system and application software files. We use a verification method between the current file state and a known, good baseline. This is one of the most powerful techniques used to secure IT infrastructures and business data against known and unknown threats.

Real-Time File Integrity Monitoring for Compliance

Changes to files, configurations, and attributes across your infrastructure is a common practice, but hidden in the large amounts of daily changes can be the 1 or 2 that directly impact your file or configuration integrity.

These types of changes can put your compliance stature and security infrastructure at risk, as it could indicate there is an attacker tampering with critical files to steal or leak confidential data.

Our 24/7 SOC agents watches carefully for file modification events on your assets and directly attributes them directly to your users. Our FIM software will alert our agents in real-time when a user edits, moves, or deletes a critical file or folder, allowing us to respond immediately.