Social Media/ Brand/ Reputation Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring

What is Brand Reputation Monitoring?

Social media has become a primary platform for businesses and organizations to reach their target customers. Consequently, cybersecurity threat activity on social platforms has also increased.

Individuals can fake or duplicate your social media accounts or website domains to cause harm to your brand or conduct fraudulent activity. These fabricated accounts can then be used to:

  • Maliciously misrepresent your business or communicate false information to diminish your brand value
  • Sell knockoff or stolen versions of your company’s products or services
  • Steal your customers’ login information or credit card numbers by directing them to a phishing site
  • Infect your customers’ computers with malware and collect information to sell to interested parties

Abacode’s Security Operations Center monitors your social media and other electronic systems activities 24/7 to detect and stop unauthorized activity aimed at impacting your brand reputation before this activity can result in financial loss.

Brand Reputation Monitoring – Its More than Just Bad Reviews

Social media and other brand impersonation tactics can seriously harm a brand’s reputation and affect a business’s bottom line.

The risks of ignoring online brand reputation monitoring include:

  • Financial losses
  • Market share losses
  • Brand reputation damage that is difficult or impossible to recover from
  • Upset customers or partners that may decide to stop doing business with you
  • The potential collapse of the company

Abacode’s Social Media and Brand Reputation Monitoring Services

Most organizations lack the time, expertise, and technical skills to block or manage a social media or brand reputation attack. Abacode’s Security Operations Center works for you 24/7 to monitor the internet thoroughly and efficiently for fake social media profiles, false domains, and other fraudulent impersonations and threats to your business.  We implement best-practice systems to stop attacks before they can cause damage to your brand.