User Behavior Analytics (UBA)

User behavior analytics

What is User Behavior Analytics?

User Behavior Analytics (UBA) is the act of monitoring, tracking, and assessing the online actions of people within your organization to determine if they are breaching, or trying to breach, your network security. These actions can be unintentional accidents or actual attempts to undermine your systems.

User Behavior Analytics allows an organization to head-off cyber threats before they result in a serious breach. UBA’s automation manages the day-to-day tracking and monitoring, freeing your cyber security team to focus on more imminent and serious risks.

A Multi-Platform Approach to User Behavior Analytics

Abacode uses multiple SIEM platforms, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to track patterns of human behavior and deviations that seem suspicious.

Patterns that tracked and deviations that send up red flags include:

  • The geographic location of a login might indicate a credential compromise
  • Systems access during abnormal hours
  • Access to files categorized as highly sensitive by the SIEM

Abacode’s UBA and machine learning is savvy enough to limit false positives and provide clear, actionable risk intelligence to cybersecurity teams.

Our UBA can also helps stop external threat actors before they cause financial or reputational damage to the organization.