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Stay on the Cutting Edge of Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Shelby McDonald | Minute Read

You have probably heard the phrase “situational awareness”, the idea of being aware of what’s going on around you when it comes to your physical security.  It is just as important to have cybersecurity awareness training in your virtual world as well.

Do you stop and think before reacting to an email from your co-worker telling you that they have found themselves stuck in a never-ending meeting, and it would be such a help if you could print out the attached documents for them to pick up at your desk later? How about an email from a company vendor stating that their banking information changed, and they need you to update where their next payment is going to be deposited? Do you never associate your work email with anything personal (like your bank) but the email you just received stating there has been unusual activity on your account looks too convincing to not click that sign-in button, just to be sure?

Cybercriminals are constantly advancing their techniques and they believe one of the easiest ways to get to your organization is through your users. However, the joke can be on them if your organization takes the time to implement a strong cybersecurity awareness training program and turn what attackers believe to be one of your greatest weaknesses into one of your strongest means of protection.

Due to the constantly advancing nature of cybercrime, it is critical that an organization’s cybersecurity awareness training program be one step ahead. A successful cybersecurity awareness training program is reliant up-to-date information. One of the greatest protections an organization has against cybercrime is its users, their human firewall. What this means, though, is that users need to be provided the proper material for them to be successful in their role as guards against phishing and other cyberattacks. If the material that makes up a cybersecurity awareness training program is only as good as what was known five years ago, then so is the protection it is meant to provide.

Stay Current on Your Cybersecurity Awareness Training to Stay One Step Ahead

We should work under the assumption that attackers are, in some way, shape, or form, improving on their techniques and strategies every second of every day. The task of keeping current on their methods and the ways in which we should be preventing them is not an easy one. It is both a time consuming and endless task.

Consider just some of the major events that have happened in 2020 and how attackers not just could, but have, turned these into opportunities to prey on the unexpecting. In January, the devastating fires in Australia served the perfect opportunity to seek out “donations.” And by donations, I mean unintended contributions to an attacker’s bank account. Fast forward just a short while to March, where you now needed to be on top of COVID-19. This nationwide pandemic served up an unforeseen amount of opportunities for attacks, and not just in the sense of one type of cyberattack. One can get overwhelmed just thinking of the ways that COVID-19 could be used. Now in August, we add to this growing list certain entities deciding to dust off their Amazon themed attacks. You would not need a crystal ball to guess that come this fall, the 2020 Election will be the topic of choice for attackers. The fight to keep your material up to date is constant, but with the right help, it can be won.

Enlist Expert Help and Gain More than Training

Odds are your organization’s expertise is not cybersecurity. To relieve your organization of the burden of internally dealing with keeping your cybersecurity awareness training program efficient and effective, leverage the help of a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), which makes cybersecurity their core business.

Keeping your training program up to date is only one of the many benefits of enlisting in the help of an MSSP as it can be one of many areas that they show expertise. Not only can the proper MSSP assist with maintaining an up-to-date cybersecurity awareness program, but they can also be a valuable resource for any aspect of an organization’s cybersecurity program. And with proven experts in the field guiding the way, your organization will not have to question whether their cybersecurity program is being properly handled.

The million (but really, insert your organization’s current net worth here) dollar question then becomes: what should you be looking for in an MSSP? A good start is when the MSSP leads off the conversation by getting to know your organization. Are some of their first questions regarding your business needs and cybersecurity goals? If the answer is yes, chances are good that you are on the right track. Are they making themselves openly available to you? There is something positive to be said about an MSSP providing eyes on glass 24/7/365 and not all do. Does their expertise end at patch management or endpoint protection, or are they equipped with multiple teams of experts who are trained and knowledgeable in the many areas that encompass a full cybersecurity program? These are only some questions that should come to mind when considering MSSPs.

Whatever approach you intend to take, it is important to believe in the undeniable impact a well-managed cybersecurity awareness training program and a strong MSSP partner can make on an organization’s cybersecurity posture.