The Changing Cybersecurity Threatscape (replay)

The Changing Cybersecurity Threatscape (replay)

Recorded Thursday, May 20, 2021

Hosted by Apptega. Presented by Jeremy Rasmussen, Chief Technology Officer & CISO of Abacode and Roy “Caz” Caswell, CIO, The Liberty Company Insurance Brokers, Inc.

During the height of the pandemic, it’s estimated that digital transformation advanced by as much as seven years, opening the door for hybrid and remote working solutions to thrive. But, the increase in remote work also revealed new threats to devices and applications.

The Pinellas Tech Network welcomes Abacode’s Chief Technology Officer, Jeremy Rasmussen, for a discussion on the changing cybersecurity landscape.

Jeremy will share his insight on:

• The post-covid world and “Zero Trust”
• Trusted software becoming less trustworthy
• The surprising ways ransomware launches
• Identifying Web/SSL VPN vulnerabilities in firewalls
• Application of AI and ML in cybersecurity
• Countermeasures used to combat these issues

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