Compliance & GRC Readiness Services

(Governance, Risk, and Compliance)

We provide a fully Managed Cybersecurity & Compliance Program (MCCP Core™) which includes compliance readiness (GRC) advisory, implementation of products and services, cybersecurity maturity dashboards, continuous monitoring, reporting, and ongoing management.

Managed Compliance Frameworks:

More Than Compliance Readiness

Abacode’s Managed Compliance Services will not only take you through the compliance readiness process but also ensure you maintain continuous compliance.

We ensure your organization abides by regulatory requirements and/or certification bodies (CB) in preparation for third-party audits against security standards such as CMMC, HIPAA, FedRAMP, NIST, and SOC 2

Compliance-Driven SOC

Our monitoring services provide continuous compliance and security control effectiveness tracking via our Security Operations Center (SOC) to ensure you maintain the proper ongoing controls. Abacode manages the entire process and acts as your security and compliance department during the assessment, audit, examination, and/or subsequent certification.

World-Class Compliance Dashboards and Reporting

Abacode produces unified security & compliance reporting that allows your business to track its maturity against any security or risk-based standard, such as CMMC, SOC 2, HIPAA, ISO, and more.

Abacode compliance portal

Reach Out to One of Our GRC Readiness Advisors

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Chris Emery

Senior Solution Advisor

Bryan Graf - Abacode Cybersecurity & Compliance
Bryan Graf

SVP, Compliance Advisory

Jeremy Rasmussen

Chief Technology Officer & CISO

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Jonathon Lance

Cybersecurity & Compliance Solution Advisor

Deven Bender
Devin Bender

Cybersecurity & Compliance Solution Advisor